The growing crisis: The urgent need to increase Inhaler Device production in the COPD fight


The world is witnessing a new and formidable threat in the form of progressive diseases, with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) occupying prominence among them. While COPD, a chronic respiratory condition, is not a new threat to the world, it has become a significant and growing health concern globally. It imposes a significant burden on individuals, healthcare systems, and societies at large, including Sub-Saharan Africa, where the rising burden of COPD has been termed “the silent epidemic” by the Lancet. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), COPD was the third leading cause of death globally in 2019. The burden is expected to rise due to various factors, such as population growth and ageing populations. But most importantly, the continued exposure to risk factors such as smoking, indoor air pollution from household use of biomass fuels, and outdoor air pollution in urban areas. Limited access to essential yet basic medicines, such as various types of inhaler devices, further exacerbates the challenges in managing the disease effectively.

Inhaler Device and COPD: Disparity in Access to Life-saving Medications in LMICs

An inhaler device plays a crucial role in the management and treatment of COPD. An inhaler device delivers medications directly to the lungs, providing relief and improving respiratory function for patients, saving lives. However, ensuring widespread access to reliable and affordable medications delivered via inhaler devices remains challenging, especially in LMICs, where healthcare infrastructure is limited.

The world has turned a blind eye towards LMICs for the longest time, and the testament to this is the lack of adequate resources given to these countries. As a result, basic life-saving drugs and devices are not available at affordable prices in LMICs. This includes formulations delivered via various types of inhaler devices, such as metered dose inhalers and dry powder inhalers, for the management of COPD among chronic patients.

The reasons behind this are plenty — economic disparities being foremost as the LMICs generally have lower GDP per capita and limited financial resources; therefore, pharmaceutical companies and medical research institutions prioritised markets that offer higher profitability and ROI. As a result, the focus has always remained on the diseases prevalent in wealthier countries, where there is a greater ability to pay for expensive medications and treatments.

PodTech: The Path to Revolutionise Access to Essential Care for COPD Patients

It is high time for a paradigm shift, especially when considering the impact on individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and the limited access to affordable medications. The need to break free from these shackles and address health disparities and marginalisation is more critical than ever. Fortunately, the answer lies in Podtech’s innovative technology – pre-engineered, pre-fabricated, portable biopharma factory systems.

In the race against time, traditional factory setups have proven insufficient in meeting the urgent demand for stronger local production of lifesaving medications such as those for COPD patients. The clock is ticking, and the window of opportunity to ensure equitable access to essential care is rapidly closing. It is imperative that we embrace innovative solutions that can keep pace with the urgency of the situation and provide sustainable solutions.

PodTech’s approach is groundbreaking, empowering governments and visionary entrepreneurs to forge their own path towards regional self-sufficiency in pharmaceutical manufacturing, including the production of various different types of medications delivered via inhaler devices like metered dose inhalers or dry powder inhalers for COPD patients. Compared to traditional factory setups, PodTech’s transformative solution enables the rapid establishment of local production capabilities in regions that have long been excluded from the global healthcare landscape, providing hope for individuals with COPD who previously faced limited access to necessary medications and inhaler devices.

Advantages of PodTech’s Technology

With PodTech’s Podule™️ technology, LMICs and NEEs can revolutionise access to essential care for individuals with COPD. PodTech’s pre-engineered and pre-fabricated Podules offer a game-changing solution that expedites the establishment of manufacturing capabilities, addressing the urgent need for COPD medications in a timely manner.

Unlike traditional factory setups, which involve lengthy design and construction processes, PodTech’s Podules can be swiftly installed and commissioned and offers significant time savings in construction. This rapid deployment enables LMICs to respond quickly to the healthcare needs of their populations, particularly those living with COPD who heavily rely on various types of inhaler devices for effective management of their condition.

Speed is of the essence when it comes to pharmaceutical products reaching the market, especially during high-demand situations like outbreaks, pandemics, or health emergencies. PodTech’s Podules allow pharmaceutical companies to expedite the production process, ensuring essential COPD medications delivered via inhaler devices are readily available when they are needed most.

Scalability is another key advantage offered by PodTech’s Podules. These modular units can be easily expanded or downsized to accommodate changing market demands. On the other hand, traditional factory setups require significant modifications or construction efforts to increase production capacity, resulting in time and resource constraints. PodTech’s modular design enables a more agile response to fluctuations in demand for various formulations delivered via inhaler devices, ensuring a flexible and efficient manufacturing process.

The modular nature of PodTech’s Podules also provides the flexibility to adapt to specific manufacturing needs. Whether producing different pharmaceutical products or adjusting manufacturing processes, these Podules can be customised accordingly. This adaptability allows for quick adjustments and modifications compared to traditional setups, saving valuable time in reconfiguring the manufacturing facility and optimising production efficiency for life-saving COPD medications delivered via inhaler devices.

PodTech’s Podule™️: Advancing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Access to Medications delivered via Inhaler Devices in LMICs

Podtech’s Podule is designed with specifications to ensure optimum functionality and efficiency. The Podule boasts a robust, all-weather-proof structure constructed with reinforced steel and designed to withstand seismic activity. Its modular prefab construction allows for easy assembly, while the vinyl flooring provides durability. The Inhaler Podule, spanning an area of 250 square metres, comes fully equipped with European-made process equipment, including blowing, filling, and crimping machines. The advanced Air Handling Unit (AHU) is advanced Japanese technology and ensures precise control over humidity and temperature within the Podule. Stringent quality control measures are in place, with the cleanroom area constructed using fire-rated modular partitions. It can be the one place to manufacture any formulation delivered via inhaler devices with ease and efficiency.

Podtech’s expertise extends technology transfer for various formulations delivered via inhaler devices, including Salbutamol, Budesonide, Beclomethasone dipropionate, Salbutamol sulphate, Ipratropium bromide, Fluticasone, Fluticasone+ salmeterol, Budesonide Formoterol, Ipratropium bromide, Ciclesonide, and Levosalbutamol tartrate. The Podule’s controlled environment, combined with stringent quality control measures, ensures the production of high-quality pharmaceuticals. Podtech’s commitment to advanced manufacturing processes and adherence to international standards position them as leaders in delivering reliable and effective medications for various medical needs delivered via inhaler devices to combat COPD.

By embracing PodTech’s innovative Podule™️ technology, LMICs can transform access to essential care for individuals with COPD, ensuring the timely availability of medications and various types of inhaler devices. This revolutionary approach holds the potential to improve the quality of life for COPD patients in LMICs, addressing health disparities and promoting equitable access to vital treatments.

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