Everything you need to know about PodTechTM

Everything you need to know about PodTech™️

podule™️ is a pre-fabricated, self-contained unit encased within a shipping container. It is a fast, flexible and scalable solution with an operational life of over 20 years. It is assembled entirely offsite at our manufacturing facility in the UAE and shipped to your factory site.

Each podule™️ has dedicated air handling, building management system (BMS), fire protection, and electrical and process utility distribution.

Yes, this concept is common in the West and approved by the USFDA, MHRA UK and EU GMP.

PodTech™️ is ideal for biopharma manufacturing, fill and finish, inhalation, onco and novel products.

Once it reaches your factory site, each self-contained podule™️ only has to only be connected to basic utilities and electricity to be ready to deploy.

Our podules are pre-validated before the factory system is shipped, so you have every assurance of regularity.

All PodTech™️ is designed to operate 24x7, 365 days a year, with power back-up.

Smaller factory systems can be mounted on a plinth and wheels and relocated.